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This page is in progress and may contain incomplete information or editor's notes.

On this page the general file system structure from both Galaxy games is described. Detailed information about subsystems and individual files are specified in respective pages.

Stages & Objects


Found in SMG1 and SMG2

The StageData folder contains all level assets and resources. There are files for every galaxy, stage and zone that appear in the games. The actual stage structure and formats are described in a separate page. Furthermore, ObjNameTable is located in this directory in Super Mario Galaxy 1. Interestingly, the folder contains many empty directories for scrapped galaxies and zones in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

  • ObjNameTable.arc (only in SMG1)


Found in SMG1 and SMG2

One of the largest directories. All the models and object archives for several actors as well as data tables are found here. Of course, we can't list all the files on this page but we highlight the most important ones here:


Found in SMG2

Can store object archives and load them if they do not exist within ObjectData. This feature is not used, however, this folder stores the light definition table:


Does not exist but is supported in SMG1 and SMG2

Although this folder does not exist, the game supports loading object archives from this directory in any of the aforementioned folders.


Found in SMG1 and SMG2

This is usually empty, but the game will check for object archives here if they do not exist in any of the aforementioned folders.


Found in SMG1 and SMG2

This folder is only used in SMG2 whereas it is completely empty in SMG1. It only stores one file:

  • ObjNameTable.arc (only in SMG2)


Found in SMG1 and SMG2

Stores the game's particle and effect data:

  • Effect.arc
    • AutoEffectList.bcsv: The effects definition table which specifies the effects for various layouts, objects and more.
    • ParticleNames.bcsv: A table that assigns names to every particle in the particles archive.
    • Particles.jpc: The particles archive which contains all particles.

Layouts & Text


Found in SMG1 and SMG2

Contains UI and HUD elements, graphics and layouts. See Layouts.


Found in SMG1 and SMG2

Consists of subfolders for localizations. Can be used to include language-specific assets, such as different text files and layouts. More about localization can be found on the respective subpage.

Audio & Video


Found in SMG1 and SMG2

This folder contains all assets that are related to sounds, music and audio in general. The content is organized into various subdirectories:

  • Info
    • ActionSound.arc (only in SMG2)
      • ActionSound.bcsv: Specifies the sounds of all objects, including tons of unused ones.
    • BgmParam.arc (only in SMG2)
      • BgmParam.bcsv: Additional volume adjustments for sequenced (BGM) and streamed (STM) tracks. Tracks with missing entry in this list use the actual volume of their audio files.
    • JaiChord.arc Contains CIT chord files for each Multi BGM track.
    • JaiMe.arc
    • JaiRemixSeq.arc
    • MultiBgmInfo.arc (only in SMG2)
      • MultiBgmInfo.bcsv: Defines Multi-BGM which is music consisting of sequences and streams. This also sets the beat and additional looping properties.
    • SoundIdToInstList.arc (only in SMG2)
    • StageBgmInfo.arc (only in SMG2)
      • ScenarioBgmInfo.bcsv: Defines the default background music that plays in a specific scenario
      • StageBgmInfo.bcsv: Defines the music to play when a music change occurs in-stage, for example when entering a warp pipe.
  • Seqs
    • JaiSeq.arc: An archive which stores BMS music sequences. These are loaded by the file ID, not by the file name.
  • SpkRes
    • SpkRes.arc: An archive that contains the Wiimote sound effects.
  • Stream: Stores music streams.
  • Waves: Stores wave archives that contain sounds.
  • SMR.szs: SZS-compressed BAA-file which defines the game's sound system. Among other things, the file paths of AST stream files and the names of BGM, MBGM and STM tracks are specified within this file.


Found in SMG1

Here, the prerendered THP cutscene videos can be found. These prerendered cutscenes only exist in SMG1.

  • EndingA.thp
  • EndingALuigi.thp
  • EndingB.thp
  • EpilogueA.thp
  • EpilogueALuigi.thp
  • FinalBattle.thp
  • FinalBattleLuigi.thp
  • PrologueA.thp
  • PrologueB.thp

Home Menu

Everything that is used for the Home Menu is organized into the following two directories.


Found in SMG1 and SMG2

This contains the relocatable object code and the symbol export table for the Home Menu. The actual contents may differ between different versions of the game.

  • HomeButtonMenuWrapperRSO.rso: The relocatable object code for the Home Menu.
  • product.sel: The symbol export table which contains some symbols for the game's main executable.


Found in SMG1 and SMG2

Various other assets for the Home Menu can be found here.

  • config.txt: This seems to configure the layout to be used for the Home Menu.
  • home.csv: Specifies the text box messages for the Home Menu. This does not contain the labels for the menu items.
  • SpeakerSe.arc: An U8-archive that stores several sound effects for the Home Menu.


These folders are related to debugging and the game's development. They have no use in the final game and are usually empty.


Found in SMG1 and SMG2

This folder is usually empty. However, in the NVIDIA Shield release of SMG1 this folder contains symbol maps for several target builds.


Found in SMG1 and SMG2

This folder is usually empty. However, in the NVIDIA Shield release of SMG1 this folder contains the ModuleData for several target builds. The used data is always found in ModuleData instead.


Found in SMG1 and SMG2

Always empty and never used.