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In this category belongs all file formats that are used and supported in the Super Mario Galaxy games. Detailed information about a file format can be found by clicking on its file extension.

Extension Magic Class name Games Description
arc RARC JKRArchive both JKernel archive
szs Yaz0 JKRDecomp both SZS-compressed data
szp Yay0 JKRDecomp both SZP-compressed data (Outdated)
bcsv n/a JMapInfo both JMap flatbuffer data
tbl n/a JMapInfo both Sorted JMap data
bcam n/a JMapInfo both JMap camera data
canm ANDO CameraAnim both Camera animation frames
gst n/a GhostPacket both Ghost movement
pad n/a PadRecorder SMG2 Wiimote controls
jpc JPAC2-10 JPAEmitterArchiveLoaderDataBase both JParticle container
bmg MESGbmg1 ? SMG1 Binary message container
msbt MsgStdBn LMS_Message SMG2 LMS text data
msbf MsgFlwBn LMS_Flowchart SMG2 LMS flow data
kcl n/a KCollision both Collision mesh
pa n/a JMapInfo both Collision attributes (BCSV)
bdl J3D2bdl4 J3DModelData both J3D display lists
bmd J3D2bmd3 J3DModelData both J3D model
banmt n/a JMapInfo both Animation table (BCSV)
bck J3D1bck1 J3DAnmTransformKey both J3D skeletal transformation (key)
bca J3D1bca1 J3DAnmTransformFull both J3D skeletal transformation (full, not usable)
btk J3D1btk1 J3DAnmTextureSRTKey both J3D texture animation
brk J3D1brk1 J3DAnmTevRegKey both J3D TEV color animation
btp J3D1btp1 J3DAnmTexPattern both J3D texture pattern animation
bpk J3D1bpk1 J3DAnmColorKey both J3D color animation (key)
bpa J3D1bpa1 J3DAnmColorFull both J3D color animation (full, not usable)
bva J3D1bva1 J3DAnmVisibilityFull both J3D visibility animation (full)
blk J3D1blk1 J3DAnmClusterKey both J3D cluster animation (key, not usable)
bla J3D1bla1 J3DAnmClusterFull both J3D cluster animation (full, not usable)
bxk J3D1bxk1 J3DAnmVtxColorKey both J3D vertex color animation (key, not usable)
bxa J3D1bxa1 J3DAnmVtxColorFull both J3D vertex color animation (full, not usable)
fur.txt n/a FurParam both Fur map parameters
Image & video formats
bti n/a JUTTexture both JUtility image
thp THP0 ? SMG1 Prerendered video
Sound & audio formats
ast STRM JAIStream both JAudio stream
bas n/a JAUSoundAnimation both Sound animation
bms n/a JAISeq both JAudio music sequence
aw n/a JASWaveArc both JAudio wave archive
baa AA_< JAUAudioArcLoader both JAudio audio archive
cit n/a ? both Chord information table
bct n/a ? both Wii Remote sound info
csw n/a ? both Wii Remote sound effect
bme n/a ? both ?
bmt n/a ? both ?
brs n/a ? both ?
Nintendo Ware for Revolution formats
tpl n/a nw4r::lyt::res::Picture both NW4R texture
brlyt RLYT nw4r::lyt::Layout both NW4R layout structure
brlan RLAN nw4r::lyt::AnimResource both NW4R layout animation
brfnt RFNT nw4r::ut::ResFont both NW4R font
Revolution formats
rso n/a RSO both Relocatable object file
sel n/a RSO both RSO symbol export table
arc Uª8- ? both U8 archive
bnr n/a ? both Wii menu banner
bwav n/a ? both Binary Wave Audio
dat n/a ? both Mii data.
Leftover Development formats
dck n/a ? SMG1 An intermediate for BCK. Text file.
dtp n/a ? both An intermediate for BTP. Text file.
dva n/a ? both An intermediate for BVA. Text file.
dvmat MATE1-10 ? both J3D Previewer File (unused)
dvw JDVW1-70 ? both J3D Previewer File (unused)