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This page is in progress and may contain incomplete information or editor's notes.


Below are a lot of useful tools to deal with files and structures found in the Galaxy games. There are many more tools that may aid in modding the games, but these were excluded due to being too outdated or obsolete.

Name Authors Language Platforms Description Preview
Whitehole Despaghettification Arisotura, Aurum, jupahe64, TheSunCat, etc. Java Windows, Linux, Mac A major rewrite of the old 3D level editor for both Galaxy games. This is essential for most projects. There are also more features, such as the BCSV editor. File:Whitehole RedBlueExGalaxy.png
Scenaristar Super Hackio C# Windows A standalone scenario editor for Super Mario Galaxy 2 featuring a clean and easy-to-use UI. Can be used to add, remove and edit scenario entries.
Launch Cam Plus Super Hackio C# Windows A standalone camera editor for both Galaxy games. It requires some learning, however, as there is no visual feedback. It consists of several useful functions such as preset options, copypaste and optional experimental "unique editors" for different types.
CANM editor Phantomwings(?) C# Windows A low-level editor for key-framed camera animations, such as the ones used for Galaxy intros. There is no visual feedback, meaning that it is somewhat difficult to use.
WiiExplorer Super Hackio C# Windows An all-purpose archiving tool that supports RARC and U8 archives. Can be used to create and extract archives and edit, replace, rename, extract and organize the contents of these archive files. Supports all sorts of other games as well.
RARC Tools thakis C Windows General Drag and Drop tools for archive manipulation. Consists of programs to deal with SZS compression (yaz0dec & yaz0enc) and RARC archives (rarcdump & rarcpack). Simply drag and drop the source file onto the respective programs and the work will be done for you. Also useful for batch script usage.
pyjmap Aurum Python Windows, Linux, Mac A high-level implementation of Nintendo's homemade BCSV/JMap data format. This includes methods to construct, analyze, manipulate, deserialize and serialize proper JMap data. Conversion between CSV and BCSV files is also supported.
pygapa Aurum Python Windows, Linux, Mac An editor for particles and effect data in both Galaxy games. It features a GUI editor to open, edit and save Effect.arc files. Additionally, it contains a bunch of functions to extract, dump, import and pack particle data. Command-line operations (Batch mode) are supported as well.
wszst Wiimm C Windows, Linux, Mac Wiimms SZS Tools is a set of command line tools to extract, modify and create different files of game Mario Kart Wii and of other Nintendo games. Source code is available on GitHub.
Sounds & Music
ASTCreate gheskett C++ Windows Command-line tool to convert between WAV and AST files that features looping options.
SoundModdingToolkit XAYRGA n/a Windows Low-level toolkit to edit sounds in both Galaxy games (and many other Nintendo titles).
j3dview blank, RenolY2 Python Windows, Linux, Mac A BMD/BDL rendering program. Can render most models with 90% accuracy, and can play BCK, BTK, BRK, BTP, BVA, and BPK animations. You can also replace the model's textures.
SuperBMD Sage of Mirrors, RenolY2 C# Windows A BMD/BDL model converter. Can convert BMD/BDL to .dae and .dae/.fbx to BMD/BDL. Allows the use of Material.json files to edit materials.
j3d-animation-editor tarsa129, epichickensoup Python Windows, Linux, Mac An editor and converter for most J3D animation formats. Includes an FBX/BVH/anim to BCK converter. Can also convert animations to Maya anim format.
btk-conv RenolY2 Python Windows, Linux, Mac A BTK <-> JSON converter. Converts a BTK to a JSON, and vise versa. Drag and Drop usage.
bark-conv RenolY2 Python Windows, Linux, Mac A BRK <-> JSON converter. Converts a BRK to a JSON, and vise versa. Drag and Drop usage.
NeoKclCreate Super Hackio C# Windows A KCL and PA Collision Import/Export tool. Converts an OBJ and MTL into a KCL and PA (your collision files). Includes proper names for each collision code, presets for common collision uses, and allows the dumping of KCL models to obj files.
pyKCLCreate blank, Froggo Python Windows, Linux, Mac A KCL and PA Collision Creator. Converts an OBJ with it's packaged MTL into a KCL and PA (your collision files). Requires PyQt5 to work.
Slide Calculator Gabbo Python Windows, Linux, Mac Blender Add-on. Can calculate the coordinates of the control points and handles of a Bezier curve and convert them into Whitehole coordinates. It allows the creation of custom slide levels.
Switch Toolbox KillzXGaming C# Windows Contains a layout editor that can edit all properties of BRLYT layout files and an animation previewer. It can start the layout editor directly by opening the ARC file.
Be sure to turn off ARC Compression, because it does not work properly. Brlan animation editing is also broken.
Wii Layout Editor Gericom C# Windows Older layout editor. Can display layouts and animations based on exported ARC folder structure (anim, timg and blyt folders) and only move and edit objects to a limited extent.
Benzin SquidMan, comex, megazig, Yossi and CheatFreak47 ? Windows Command line tools for BRLYT/BRLAN <-> XML conversion usage.
Wexos Toolbox Wexos C# Windows Tool for editing Wii-specific formats such as BTI. The only tool that includes an editor for BRLAN animation files.
msbconv blank(?) Python 2 Windows, Linux, Mac Outdated MSBT to XML Converter and vise versa. Drag and Drop or command line/batch script usage. Supports all characters including japanese font.
For use with Super Mario Galaxy 2.
MSBT_Editor ぺんぐいん (penguin117117) C# Windows MSBT and MSBF editor - supports Japanese exclusive text features. For use with Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Tomato Zyphron G. C++ Windows, Linux, Mac BMG and TBL converter to XML and vise versa, causes will be less common. For use with Super Mario Galaxy 1.
Syati shibbo, Aurum C++ Windows A coding toolkit for Super Mario Galaxy 2 which provides headers, sample code, symbols and the actual loader. It is also able to patch a DOL file to incorporate the loader.
SMG2MarioConstEditor Super Hackio C# Windows A tool that allows you to edit parameters for playable characters in Super Mario Galaxy 2. These parameters affect jump height, running speed, Power-Ups timers and much more.
THP-Converter Lord-Giganticus C#, Python Windows A tool to convert between MP4 and THP videos. This also features a command-line functionality.
BRFNTify Next Tempus, RoadrunnerWMC Python Windows, Linux, Mac NW4R font editor that can edit, expand and replace existing fonts.
wit Wiimm C, Assembly Windows, Linux, Mac Wiimms ISO Tools is a set of command line tools to extract, modify and create Wii and GameCube ISO images and WBFS containers. The source code can be found on GitHub.


Name Authors Language Games Description Preview
Project Template Aurum C++ SMG2 A package consisting of useful files, patches and data to expand Super Mario Galaxy 2. This includes many new coded objects, such as Cataquacks, Montys, Jump Guarder, the Ice Flower & Flying Star power-ups, Pull Star Chips, custom Power Star colors, and a lot more.
Galaxy Level Engine Super Hackio PowerPC SMG2 A new Level Engine for Super Mario Galaxy 2, featuring a new hubworld system instead of the World Maps, 8 yellow stars, and more! Supports the major regions of the game (NTSC-U, PAL, and NTSC-J)
SMG2 Frames per Second Counter Layout Super Hackio C++ SMG2 A new layout intended for mod creators to reduce the amount of lag in their levels. Supports all Wii regions.
SMG1 Crash Debugger Patch n/a PowerPC SMG1 A Riivolution patch that enables the Crash Debugger in Super Mario Galaxy 1. This supports all known Wii releases of the game:
<!-- American -->
<memory offset="0x8039AA2C" value="60000000" original="98040068"/>
<memory offset="0x8039AAF0" value="60000000" original="4082FFB8"/>
<memory offset="0x804A432C" value="60000000" original="48000160"/>

<!-- European / Australian -->
<memory offset="0x8039AA48" value="60000000" original="98040068"/>
<memory offset="0x8039AB0C" value="60000000" original="4082FFB8"/>
<memory offset="0x804A432C" value="60000000" original="48000160"/>

<!-- Japanese -->
<memory offset="0x8039AA2C" value="60000000" original="98040068"/>
<memory offset="0x8039AAF0" value="60000000" original="4082FFB8"/>
<memory offset="0x804A430C" value="60000000" original="48000160"/>

<!-- Korean -->
<memory offset="0x8039BF80" value="60000000" original="98040068"/>
<memory offset="0x8039C044" value="60000000" original="4082FFB8"/>
<memory offset="0x804A656C" value="60000000" original="48000160"/>

Small Patches

Below are a some small patches you can copy+paste into your hack's Riivolution XML

Name Authors Games Code Description
Don't lose coins upon death. SuperHackio SMG2
<!-- USA/PAL/JAP -->
<memory offset="0x804C92AC" value="60000000" />
Causes the game to keep your coin count when you die in a level.
Lose Starbits upon death. SuperHackio SMG2
<!-- USA/PAL/JAP -->
<memory offset="0x804C92D0" value="90A3004C4E800020" />
Causes the game to remove all your starbits upon death in a level.
Collect Comet Medals Permanently SuperHackio SMG2
<!-- USA/PAL/JAP -->
<memory offset="0x80322FE0" value="4BD33571481AFB0D" />
This makes every comet medal permanently collectable.
Example: If you enter a stage, get the comet medal, then pause and quit the level, you'll keep the comet medal.


Various other resources and websites are listed here for the purpose of documentation.

  • Luma's Workshop Web Archive: The original forums from 2018, preserved by Web Archive. If you feel like browsing through a small bit of history, here you go. Several old documentations can be accessed through this.
  • Kuribo64 forums: Originally, Kuribo64 was the place for Galaxy modding. If you are in for another time travel, consider looking through the posts. Keep in mind that the information you are going to find over there is very outdated and not accurate anymore.
  • Petari: A work-in-progress decompilation of Super Mario Galaxy 1 that also serves as a documentation of the actual game.
  • Takochu: An abandoned level editor originally slated to release in 2022. Due to some tensions, this project has been cancelled and therefore archived, waiting for people to pick it up and finish it.
  • A virtual "museum" which features various selected levels and locations from video games. This also features very accurate rendering for both Galaxy games.