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GalaxyDataTable is a BCSV table that defines the required number of Comet Medals to make a Prankster Comet appear in an individual galaxy and which galaxies have a Grand Star to unlock the next world. Purple and Mimic comets are always locked if the comet in HomeCenterGalaxy has not been collected yet. This hardcoded behavior is not defined by this table. The file can be found in SMG2 in ObjectData/SystemDataTable.arc/SystemDataTable/GalaxyDataTable.bcsv. It contains the following fields:

Field Type Description
GalaxyName STRING_OFFSET The galaxy's internal name, for example IslandFleetGalaxy.
CometAppearMedalNum LONG Number of Comet Medals required to make a Prankster Comet appear in the galaxy. Galaxies without a comet use -1.
GrandStarNo LONG Number of the Grand Star. This will trigger the Grand Star cutscene on Starship Mario and unlocks the next world when the first mission of the galaxy is completed. Galaxies without Grand Stars use -1.

While galaxies can be deleted from the list, the game still requires at least 6 galaxies with a GrandStarNo from 1 to 6 to work.