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GalaxyWorldOrderList is a BCSV table that defines the order of galaxies per world. This order is reflected on the star list and the world map overview. The file can be found in SMG2 in ObjectData/SystemDataTable.arc/SystemDataTable/GalaxyWorldOrderList.bcsv. It contains the following fields:

Field Type Description
WorldNo LONG The world number that the galaxy belongs to.
EnName STRING_OFFSET The galaxy's internal name, for example IslandFleetGalaxy.
  • WorldNo has to be the same as the World ID that is defined in the galaxy's GalaxyInfo file, otherwise the game crashes when opening its world in the star list.
  • When an EnName field is empty, the game will display "XXXXXXXX" as a placeholder.
  • Other stages such as the world maps and the titlescreen can also be found in this list, although they appear to be unused.