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MarioFaceShipEventDataTable is a BCSV table that activates switches on Starship Mario after a certain unlock criteria (receiving a number of stars, collecting a certain star, etc.).

The file can be found in SMG2 in ObjectData/SystemDataTable.arc/SystemDataTable/MarioFaceShipEventDataTable.bcsv

It contains the following fields:

Field Type Description
EventType STRING_OFFSET A flag that controls how Lubba talks to the player.
FlagType STRING_OFFSET A flag that controls how the object appears.
StageName STRING_OFFSET Name of the galaxy in which the scenario is to be completed.
ScenarioNo LONG The galaxy's mission (scenario) number that has to be completed.
PowerStarNum LONG Number of stars required to make this object appear.
WatchedEventNo LONG Unknown
SwitchNo LONG The switch that gets turned on. Equal to the NPC's SW_AWAKE
EventNo LONG Links to a MarioFaceShipNpcRegister (?)
ReturnType STRING_OFFSET Where the player returns on Starship Mario.
OrStageName STRING_OFFSET The alternate galaxy. Does the same as StageName.
FlagType needs to be シナリオA or シナリオB
OrScenarioNo LONG The alternate mission (scenario). Does the same as ScenarioNo.
FlagType needs to be シナリオA or シナリオB
UseTimeKeepDemo LONG Unknown

Event Types

Event Type Translation Description
会話 Conversation Normal talk between Lubba and the player.
注目会話 Attention conversation Talk between Lubba and the player about a certain object.
注目会話[注目先行] Attention conversation [Attention preceding] Unknown
  • If an invalid text is inserted in EventType, no conversation scene will take place and the switch will be activated just like that. However, if it is blank, the game crashes.

Flag Types

Flag Type Translation Description
スター数 Stars Makes use of PowerStarNum
コメットオープン Comet Open Unknown
シナリオ Scenario Makes use of StageName and ScenarioNo.
The object appears if the mission is completed.
シナリオA or シナリオB Scenario A or Scenario B Makes use of StageName, ScenarioNo, OrStageName and OrScenarioNo.
The object appears if one of the missions is completed.
イエロースター120個 Yellow Power Star No 120 The object appears if the player got 120 yellow power stars.
特殊 Special Unknown

Return Types

Return Type Translation Description
Top Default.
Below The player appears on the other side of the planet.
Loads Cutscene "パワースター帰還[NPC紹介]" ("Power Star Return [NPC Introduction]")
アイテム惑星 ItemPlanet The player appears in the item room of Starship Mario.
Loads Cutscene "パワースター帰還[アイテム惑星]" ("Power Star Return [Item Planet].")