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PlanetMapDataTable is a BCSV table that defines, configures and lists all valid planet objects in the game. Each entry corresponds to a separate planet object. All of the planets defined in this table will use an instance of the PlanetMap class when loaded ingame. However, some planets may use a special class instead. This is specified in the game's code and cannot be changed through this file. The file can be found in both games in ObjectData/PlanetMapDataTable.arc/root/PlanetMapDataTable.bcsv. It contains the following fields:

Field Type Description
PlanetName STRING_OFFSET Name of the model in ObjectData, for example PukupukuGambolPlanet.
LowFlag LONG Set to 1 if the planet has a low-poly model, for example BossBussunPlanetLow.
MiddleFlag LONG Set to 1 if the planet has a middle-poly model, for example LavaBegomanUFOPlanetMiddle.
BloomFlag LONG Set to 1 if the planet has a bloom model, for example LavaMiniSunPlanetBloom.
WaterFlag LONG Set to 1 if the planet has a water model, for example FloaterLandPlanetWater.
IndirectFlag LONG Set to 1 if the planet has an indirect model, for example AquariumPlanetAIndirect.
ForceLowScenarioName0 .. 7 STRING_OFFSET Forces the low-poly model to render throughout the specified scenario, for example HellProminenceGalaxy_1. This setting is never used in SMG2 but it works perfectly fine.