Texture Replacing Tutorial

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This page will teach you how to replace a texture in SMG1/2.

Tools you need

Link Description
WiiExplorer A rarc file editing tool.
An Image Editor Any image editor that can edit png file format. (Paint.NET, GIMP)
A tool to convert between .bti and .png. Unfortunately, you will have to figure this part out yourself.
j3dview A BMD/BDL viewer. Also lets us replace textures.




  1. Find the .arc file in ObjectData that you want to replace a texture in.
  2. Open that .arc file in WiiExplorer.
  3. Locate the file with either .bmd or .bdl extensions. (If you cannot find one, then there is likely no model for that object.)
  4. Extract the .bmd or .bdl file to somewhere on your desktop.
  5. Open the .bmd or .bdl in J3DView
  6. Locate the texture you want to replace and right click it. Select "Export" from the pop-up menu. (It will be saved in the .bti format)
  7. Here is where you need to find a tool to convert .bti to .png.