Star Chip Setup Tutorial

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This page will teach you how to setup Starchips to spawn either a Launch Star or a Sling Star. The setup is identical between SMG and SMG2.
For this tutorial, you will only need Whitehole

Needed Objects

Object Internal Name Object English Name Amount
YellowChip Starchip 5
YellowChipGroup Starchip Group 1
SuperSpinDriver/SpinDriver Launch Star/Sling Star 1


  1. Give the YellowChipGroup a unique Obj Arg 0 (Starchip Group)
  2. For every YellowChip, set the Obj Arg 0 (Starchip Group) to the same number that was set for the YellowChipGroup Obj Arg 0 (Starchip Group)
  3. Give the YellowChipGroup a unique SW_A
  4. Set the SW_APPEAR of the SuperSpinDriver/SpinDriver to the same value as the YellowChipGroup's SW_A