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This page will teach you how to add zones to your custom galaxies in SMG1/2!

Programs you'll be needing

Program Name Program Function
Dossun2 Editing Various Data found in the game
Whitehole Level Editing/bcsv Editing

Files you'll encounter

File type Wiki or not
.arc Found on Wiki
.bcsv Found on Wiki

Making your Zone Data

-Open Dossun2 and head to the "Create files" section and click on "New zone".

-Once clicked you will be prompted to name your zone. Remember the name you set you'll need it later.

-After that enter the layers, you would like to be added (layers are basically telling the game what objects to load for different missions).

-And finally, it will ask which archives you want to be created. type m as that is all you will need!

-Now head to the "Stage files" section and click on "Scenario files". It should prompt you to pick a galaxy so pick the galaxy you're adding the zone to.

-Next navigate to "zone settings" and press the add button. It should prompt you to type the name of your zone (to which you type the name).

-Once added add the layers to their corresponding scenario's.

-Press the Save File Button and then you can close Dossun2.

-In your StageData Folder you should now see a folder with the name of the zone you just made! (Please refer to reference image 1 and 2 if something isn't clear).

Giving your Zone a location

-Open Whitehole and then go into Whitehole's BCSV Editor.

-In the Archive Bar to the left type /StageData/(YourGalaxy)/(YourGalaxy)Map.arc (Note type the name of your galaxy where it says "YourGalaxy").

-In the File Bar type (YourGalaxy)/jmp/Placement/Common/StageObjInfo

-Once you've typed these, press open and then add row.

-In the name column enter the zone name.

-In the I_id column enter an id (this one isn't too important).

-In pos x,y and z column enter the coordinates of your zone.

-In dir x,y and z column enter and rotational values you might need for your zone.

-When all of that is done press File->Save. (Please refer to reference image 3 if something isn't clear)

Reference Images


If all was successful when you open the galaxy the zone should be there! Enjoy editing away!

Further questions:

-LW (Lumasworkshop) Discord server:

-My Discord Tag: Luma48#5200